You've been met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

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[pm] Mr. Dent! I’m at Wayne Towers helping out! You should come!! Watch out for the cops, though. This blonde cop keeps chasing me around. Messen. I write fanfics about her. Total hottie!!!

[pm] We’re I’m already on our my way. We’ll I’ll be there soon.

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OOC Notice

ooc; Due to personal reasons, I’ll be putting Harvey on a semi-hiatus until my inspiration/motivation is back on track. Most likely sometime toward the end of the month, I’ll be good to go on him. I won’t be going anywhere, but Harvey’ll be on the quiet. He’ll still be here to do dash stuff and the like, but para/chatzy activity might not be quick to happen.

Thanks and love you guys,


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[mask pm] I told you, she’s stable. A fucking building collapsed on her, that’s what happened. But she’ll be fine. [deleted: She has to be.] I don’t know who’s responsible, [deleted: but he’s gonna pay. Anything happens to her and—] probably the GM.

[pm] She’s fine. She’ll be fine. Alright. [deleted: Would they likely still be at the tower, the one] I see. Thank you, Red Arrow. Take care of her.

We have people to take ca

[user disconnected]

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"When you are dealing with me, it has to do with everything.”

Tim Sale
Jeph Loeb
Dark Victory

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[mask pm] [deleted: Don't even know why I'm messaging y-- I faile--] She's hurt. But she's gonna be fine. She's a survivor. [deleted: She's got stuff to do before she--]. They said she's stable, so don't worry, I just figured you deserved to know. [deleted: I'm sorry I couldn't--]

[pm] Dinah? Dinah’s hurt? What happened? Red Arrow, tell me what happened. But she’s alright now? Who did this?

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[pm] I just signed up for a dojo to train to be a  and I’m pretty sure they’re gonna teach us how to dropkick people soon. I’ll dropkick whoever went through that door. I promise. 

I’m gonna go after the Game Master I dunno. I was gonna play Ace Attorney, but I don’t really feel like it know…what do you think we should do?

[pm] That’s very smart of you, Mark. It’s good to learn self-defense, but I’m not sure dropkicking is a good idea right now.

Mark, Bruce’s tower fell. His tower fell. What if he— What if he’s dead?

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[pm] People went through the DOOR, MR. DENT. I just heard! Well, I mean I heard before when that dickhead said “the door can only be opened one more time,” but I’m guessing someone else went through. What the fu Do you know who it was? We should kick their ass!

I was, but she went to work. I don’t know if I should be around her because what if it…you know?

[pm] I know, I know. I don’t know who it was, but I have an idea. And a good idea that they’re going to be dead soon. I would very much like to kill them kick their ass, but that’s not my concern right now.

Did you tell her that you love her? No, no. I understand. It’s safer for her that way, but we’re not going to blow up. What should we do?

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[pm] As long as it’s mutual, Harv.

[pm] There’s plenty that is. Love you lik I care about you a lot, Bruce.

[user logged off]

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[pm] Not in the least. Nope.

[pm] Then my idea of death is wrong.

Stay safe for me, Bruce.

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[pm] What made you think I was dead?

[pm] You weren’t…here. You were here one day and then gone the next. Isn’t that what dying is?

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